Sunday, October 25, 2009

Vietnam War - Hue Massacre 1968

 large-scale massacre committed by the Vietnamese Communists but much less well-known than the My Lai Massacre.

"What happened in Hue, physically, can be described with a few quick statistics. A Communist force which eventually reached 12,000 invaded the city the night of the new moon marking the new lunar year, January 30, 1968. It stayed for 26 days and then was driven out by military action.

In the wake of this Tet offensive, 5,800 Hue civilians were dead or missing (estimate). It is now known that most of them are dead. The bodies of most have since been found in single and mass graves throughout Thua Thien Province which surrounds this cultural capital of Vietnam."

The Viet Cong attacked the South on the most sacred days (Tet, Vietnamese New Year) of Vietnamese culture breaking the "Tet ceasefire agreement".

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